Drift Boat Fishing New Hampshire is growing as one of the most popular methods of New Hampshire Fishing. It not only gets you to the beautiful northern waters where the fish are, but shows you how to enjoy Drift Boat Fly Fishing in New Hampshire for them.

Come on up where the air is a bit crisper and the waters a bit colder for a unique NH Drift

Boat Fishing expedition you'll long remember. Contact Wayne for dates and rates for your professionally-guided fishing experience.

Join us for NH Fly Fishing for trout, spring spinning rod for small/large mouth bass, northern pike or jigging for walleyed pike.

New Hampshire Drift Boat Fishing allows the fisherman access to parts of a river unreachable to those that fish from the shore or that are wading, often resulting in a more exciting and larger catch. This is the direct result of less NH Fishing pressure. Even today, as the pressure of

fishing increases along our rivers, drift boat fishing is still tremendously underutilized so the fish are usually wilder, and don't spook quite as easily as fish that are constantly pressured in ponds, lakes and highly-fished areas.

If you want to experience fishing excitement like you have never dreamt possible, try a Drift Boat Fishing excursion with us on either the Connecticut, or Androscoggin River. The fish we pursue are walleyed pike, all of our trout species, small mouth bass, northern pike, salmon, and lake trout.

The Connecticut River and its tributaries are simply the most under-utilized fisheries in the northeast. From the headwaters in

northern New Hampshire where you'll find gravel riffles, boulder filled runs and dark, tranquil pools to the waters through the upper valley where you'll find wide slides, deep pools, gentle flow, and - at times - a strong rushing current; this area is the home of warm water fisheries such as walleyed pike, small mouth New Hampshire Bass Fishing and trophy size northern pike often exceeding 40 inches long.

All along the length of the Connecticut you'll find outstanding fisheries that will challenge your fishing skills. If you're a beginner you'll enjoy learning how to master this art with my personalized service and instruction. You'll also be treated to vistas of the gentle rolling farmland that reflects the quiet and peaceful life style that is abundant here. It will allow you to get in touch with nature in a personal way, touching your soul as you have never experienced before. You'll see bald eagles, deer, moose, bear, mink and otter along with untold numbers of different species of water fowl.

Paradoxically the Androscoggin River is much younger than the Connecticut. The Androscoggin is a rough and tumble river that drops quickly in elevation by comparison to the Connecticut. There are many free stone sections which act as spawning and habitat areas of our three trout species as well as landlocked salmon.

A recent and illegal introduction to the river has been the small mouth bass. The Androscoggin is a cold water fishery which actively supports a native population of our four salmonids. With the taking of brown, rainbow, and a brook trout along with landlocked salmon, this offers the unique possibility for the fly fishermen to achieve the New Hampshire grand slam of salmonids.

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Stream and Pond Fishing

If you would rather wade in fast rushing mountain streams I will take you to those places. Once again my policy is to go where others don't. The pressure on the fish is much less, they act more naturally in their environment, and you are apt to have a much higher quality experience then to fish some of the better known rivers that are easily seen from the road. Those Rivers are more highly stocked than where I would prefer to take you, but that is precisely why I like to take my clients to places that I think

they will have their best quality experience. There aren't so many fish but the fishing is better. Very often we will see wildlife in the natural environment such as mink or otter as a travel along the banks of the river. We might see a mother bear foraging along the stream side with her cubs. We also will most likely be told by a Beaver that have dammed a back water that they know we're there, as they smack the water with their tails.

One of the reasons that there a such a light pressure in some of these areas that I don't want to encourage others to go there so I won't list them for prospective clients. This light pressure is because most people don't want to walk beyond what they can see from their car and don't know where these places are.


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