"...a highly enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable individual, with a genuine love of the environment and the outdoors that he is eager to share with young and old alike."
   --Claire E. Moorhead, Director of Group & Guest Services, Golden Eagle Lodge

"He helped make our hunting trip a lot more enjoyable and successful with his knowledge of wildlife and nature as well as his sense of humor. He is not one of those people out there just to make a quick buck, he truly puts his all into his work..."
   --Tim and Jeannette Gokey, Salem, Massachusetts

"He provided just the right balance of structure and independence with an informal teaching style that really worked for all members of the trip. It is not easy to find a professional who combines knowledge of the outdoors, good interpersonal skills and well-developed teaching talents in his work. In Wayne Derby you have just such a person."
--David R. Chase, Director of Education, Science Center of New Hampshire

"Because of his work, my trip to New Hampshire was both fun and will be remembered as one of those 'chances of a lifetime'."
--Dave DuPuis, Saginaw Michigan

"I have hiked, camped, fished and hunted with many different people over my lifetime. I can honestly say that Wayne Derby is the most knowledgeable person I have been with. He is also the most comfortable and relaxed person I have ever seen in a woods setting."
--John L. Miller, Hunter Safety Chief Instructor, Hunting and Fishing Columnist

"I have had the opportunity to spend several days with Wayne on an expedition under extremely tough conditions - six days of rain on a seven day trip. His attitude, helpfulness and patience never flagged. He was very supportive of all the participants. Wayne always has the best interests of the forest in mind."
--Jim Folsom, The Wings Group



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