New Hampshire's Only Full Time Master Guide
Rates do not include gratuities.

Rates for Northern Land Services
All outdoor excursions

Add $ 20 per person if meal is to be provided

Equipment rental of $25 per person/day

Fishing Streamside & Remote Pond.

Full day ……………………………$ 375

Fishing excursions Drift Boat

Full day …………………….…… $ 375
Wildlife/birding/scenic drifts …. $ 325

Big lake Excursions, Fishing/ Family/ Recreation

Full day 7 hr ……………………………. $450
Half day 3.5 hr …………………………. $300
Eagle/loon/wildlife/sunset voyage… $300
Family outings picnic’s/swimming….$350

Hunting trips Minimum 2 days

Deer, Bear archery/ over bait*. $ 325 per person/day
Deer, Bear firearm hunts …….. $ 280 per person/day
Turkey fall archery …………… . $ 280 per person/day
Turkey spring firearm ………….$ 280 per person/day
Moose archery …………………...$ 325 per person/day
Moose firearm …………………… $ 275 per person/day

New Hampshire's Only Full Time Master Guide

*Baiting is done only with natural food sources

Hunting & wildlife Classes: Non-professionals only.

How to hunt black bear 5 day class minimum 5 people $500 Per person.

How to hunt whitetail deer 5 day class minimum 5 people $500 Per person.

How to hunt turkey 3 day class minimum - 3 people - $350 Per person.

How to hunt & call moose 3 day class minimum - 5 people - $350 Per person.

How to call, track & observe wildlife. For photo & hunting opportunities, 3 day class 5 people minimum $350 Per person.

Non hunting classes & adventures

Private Moose tours ……………$175per/vehicle of 4people/vehicle
Eagle/Loon/ wildlife, lake tour ….$375/ boat of up to 7 people
Eagle/Loon/ wildlife, river tour…..$325/ boat of up to 2 people
Wildlife/ Scenic photography ……………..$ 275 per person/day
Tree & plant identification ………………… $325 per 5 people/day
Edible and Medicinal plants of the North Country…$325 per person/ one day course $275…per person/day 3 day course

Leave No Trace Environmental Ethics……$895 per person 7 day course minimum of 5 people maximum of 9 people

Wilderness Education Association Philosophies..$995 per person 10 day course minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 9 people

Predator prey relations …………$300 per person/day 1 day course

We do not provide lodging; however we are closely associated with many local establishment and can recommend or assist you in your choice and efforts.

Day hikes & Nature walks one guide

Half-day.......... $225
Full day ... ... ..$375

Speaking engagements, lectures & slide shows

Hourly ... ... ... ….$95

Backpacking trips

Per day groups of eight people or less ... ... $395
For groups of nine people to 15 people ... ... $750

Landscape designs for wildlife

Hourly wage of ... ... $95

Cross country skiing and snowshoe excursions are priced the same as above depending on the activity
No shows are charged the going rate for the activity.

Speaking Engagements/ Day hikes & Nature walks
and talks/ Backpacking trips/ Landscape designs for wildlife.
Transportation rate of .80 cents per mile.


Should be made as soon as possible due to the fact that prime parts of the season fill up quickly. A deposit of 50% is due within 7 days of the reservation to hold your dates. The balance is due 30 days prior to reservation date. Failure to do so could result if forfeiture of those dates and the deposit. We do except credit cards, Visa and MasterCard, personal check, cash, and money orders.

All persons 16 years or older are required to purchase a fishing licence from a state designated outlet. A list of outlets can be found on NHF&G web site which is listed on my links page under Sports persons interest.


You can contact us at any time to cancel your reservation at anytime. However the deposit is not refundable, nor is the full balance unless we can fill those dates with another party. . It may, however, be applied toward a future outdoor excursion, or you may find someone to take your reserved dates. Unfortunately no booking is complete with a written acknowledgement of reading our policies.

Occasionally the guide, due to inclement weather or unforeseeable situations makes cancellations. In this event we will re-book with you for a mutually convenient time. We have no intentions of an outdoor excursion in a Nor’easter, but please bring waterproof and warm gear in anticipation of some of the nasty weather that New England can go through during the seasons. Hiking & backpacking trips may be delayed due to weather, but once underway must be completed as scheduled with no refund. Your making of a reservation implies your acceptance, and knowledge of our cancellation policies.


Each Trip Includes...
A licensed guide with over ten years experience on these rivers. A guide fully aware of current hatches and/or local river conditions. An excellent fly & lure selection available for use or purchase at a fair price, A trip tailored to client's wishes and/or physical condition. Fly casting & fishing' instruction from a qualified professional available prior to your trip at no additional cost. Magnificent scenery and the time to enjoy it.

What To Bring

Fly Fishing Equipment:
We recommend a rod 8-9' in length capable of casting a 5-7 weight line. Both floating and full sink lines have their place and are used at different times and/or conditions. Equipment is available for rent should you desire.

Spinning & Jigging Equipment:
We recommend 6-7' rod & spinning reel 6-10lb line tackle of choice. A wide variety of weighted jigs is recommended due to a great variable in river flow. Equipment is available for rent should you desire.

Clothing & Accessories for All Occasions:
A day outdoors can bring many changes in the weather, as "Mark Twain said, if you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a minute." It's better to be prepared, than miserable so bring some warm clothing and rain gear even if it seems hot & sunny at home.

Chest waders or hip boots with felt soles only, NO CLEATS, are optional. In the spring and fall the weather may be cool so bring warm clothes & wind & rain gear. It is important to dress in layers. During the heat of summer many guests wear tennis shoes and shorts to stay cool but the weather can change radically in minutes so the angler is advised to bring warm clothing and foul weather gear as well. A hat, polarized glasses even on cloudy days, insect repellent, and sun screen are also strongly recommended. Most importantly,rubber-soled shoes (sneakers are fine) or felt soled (NO CLEATS) and warm clothing,camera or camcorder, water. You are welcome to bring your own food and non alcohol drinks. Please, due to state law, & common sense, clients may not bring alcohol on board.

For Hunting With or Without a Camera, Bow or Firearm:
Items to Bring: Camouflage clothes, Orange Vest is optional, compass, hunting knife, waterproof outerwear, waterproof boots and socks all according to season. It is important to dress in synthetic layers that can wick precipitation away from your body.

Your weapon of choice, bow not less than 40lb or 60lb for moose, Muzzleloader not smaller than 45 caliber & rifle not less than .308 or 30-06 or larger for moose recommended, no full metal jacket ammo - soft point premium ammo, Nosler Partition preferred.

Recommended small pack with compass, map, matches, watch, flashlight, lighter, water, camera or camcorder. Please, due to state law, & common Spence, clients may not bring alcohol

For Summer Daytime Hikes

Long Pants - Wool or Synthetic, Hiking Boots, Socks, Sweater or Pile Jacket, T-shirt, Watch

PACK: Guidebook, Map, Wool Shirt(s), Compass, Shorts, Rain and Wind Parka, Insect Repellant, Rain Pants or Chaps, Sunglasses, First Aid and Repair Kit, Trash Bag, Water Bottle, Personal Medications, Food, Flashlight, Pocket Knife, Cord, Extra Socks, Light Plastic Tarp

OPTIONAL: Gaiters, Gloves or Mittens, Sun Lotion, Cap, Wool Hat, Matches

Add for Overnight Hikes: Sleeping Bag, Foam Pad, Tent or other Shelter, Stove and Fuel, Pots, Cup, Bowl, Spoon, Food, Toothbrush, Towel, etc., Extra Clothing

Add for Winter Hikes: Extra Warm Clothing, Balaclava, Insulated Boots, Overmitts, Snowshoes

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